Vampire Thriller ‘Abigail’ Unleashes Bloody Ballerina’s Rampage in Official Trailer

LOS ANGELES – The highly anticipated “Untitled Monster Thriller” directed by Radio Silence and produced by Universal has finally been unveiled and given its official title – “Abigail.” Scheduled for release in theaters on April 19, the film’s trailer was released this week showcasing a bloody and thrilling spectacle.

Described with the tagline, “Children can be such monsters,” “Abigail,” directed by Radio Silence, follows a group of criminals who attempt to kidnap an apparently innocent young girl. However, they soon discover that the little girl is actually a vampire, specifically a ballerina vampire. The film’s setup has been compared to the suspenseful movie “Don’t Breathe.”

The movie boasts a stellar cast, with talented actors bringing the killer premise to life. The team behind Radio Silence, known for their horror hits such as “Ready or Not,” “Scream VI,” and the upcoming “Scream” installment, have executed the film with a mix of fun and gore reminiscent of their previous work.

In “Abigail,” a powerful underworld figure’s 12-year-old daughter is kidnapped by a group of criminals who hope to collect a $50 million ransom. All they have to do is watch the girl overnight. However, as the captors find themselves in an isolated mansion, they begin to face a horrifying reality – they are locked inside with a supernatural little girl.

“Abigail” stars Melissa Barrera, known for her appearances in the “Scream” franchise and “In the Heights,” along with talented actors Dan Stevens, Kathryn Newton, William Catlett, Kevin Durand, Angus Cloud, and Alisha Weir in the role of Abigail.

The film is written by Stephen Shields and Guy Busick, and produced by William Sherak, Paul Neinstein, James Vanderbilt, Tripp Vinson, and Chad Vilella. With its unique vision and thrilling concept, “Abigail” promises to deliver a blood-soaked and gripping vampire flick.

In conclusion, the long-anticipated “Abigail,” directed by Radio Silence, has finally been revealed as the official title for the “Untitled Monster Thriller” from Universal. Scheduled for release on April 19, the film’s trailer introduces a dark and thrilling premise, with a group of criminals facing a supernatural twist after kidnapping a young girl. With a talented cast and the creative vision of Radio Silence, “Abigail” is set to provide audiences with a memorable and gory cinematic experience.