Victor Newman Overcomes Bladder Cancer, Celebrates with Son in Powerful Workout

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Soap actor Eric Braeden, known for his role as Victor Newman on the CBS show “The Young and the Restless,” continues to inspire and fight despite facing his own battle with bladder cancer. In a recent social media post, Braeden showcased his determination and strength alongside his son Christian Gudegast, a writer, director, and producer, after completing a workout together.

The photo captured the striking resemblance between the father and son duo and their expressions of determination and satisfaction. Braeden’s health update in August 2023 revealed that he is currently cancer-free, and his recent video, dancing to Everything But the Girl’s hit single “Missing,” emphasized his improving well-being.

Support poured in from Braeden’s colleagues and friends in the entertainment industry, with many leaving heart emojis and kind messages. Former “Young & Restless” actor Doug Davidson shared a lighthearted joke about Braeden’s in-car dancing skills, eliciting a playful response from Braeden.

Braeden’s positive attitude and sense of humor serve as an example for others facing adversity. His resilience and determination to stay active and focused on his health journey are truly inspiring.

In conclusion, Eric Braeden’s latest update showcases his unwavering spirit and determination in the face of his cancer battle. Despite enduring difficult times, Braeden remains committed to his well-being and continues to be a source of inspiration for others.