View Fans Outraged Over Ana Navarro’s Shady Comment Towards Co-Star Alyssa Farah Griffin

New York, NY – Fans of “The View” have criticized co-host Ana Navarro for her recent behavior towards fellow co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin. During Friday’s episode, Navarro made a jab at Griffin, which sparked a negative reaction from viewers.

Navarro, 52, shared details of her recent Caribbean cruise trip while at the roundtable. She revealed that she had thought of her co-hosts during her vacation and decided to bring them all gifts. Sunny Hostin, 55, expressed her appreciation for the gifts as Navarro pulled them out of the bag.

The gifts included pouches with African animals on them, which Navarro presented to Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny, and Alyssa. When Behar asked if she could have the pouch with the elephant on it, Navarro replied that it was for Alyssa, prompting laughter from the audience.

However, some fans did not find Navarro’s joke amusing and took to social media to express their disapproval. Several viewers felt that Navarro’s behavior was rude towards Griffin, with one fan stating, “Ana is so rude to her,” and another questioning Navarro’s feelings towards Alyssa.

This incident comes after fans recently called for Alyssa Griffin to be removed from the show due to her behavior during a discussion about California governor Gavin Newsom. Griffin interrupted Sunny Hostin and attempted to dominate the conversation.

Social media erupted with fans calling for Griffin to be fired and replaced. One fan expressed frustration, writing, “Alyssa Farah Griffin must go. She does not research before she talks.” The disruptions from Griffin and co-host Sara Haines were criticized, with viewers demanding that they allow Sunny to speak.

Fans of “The View” are divided over the recent tensions between Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin. Navarro’s jab at Griffin received backlash from viewers, while Griffin’s past interruptions have also garnered disapproval. As the show continues, fans will be watching closely to see how the dynamics between the co-hosts unfold.