Warriors Explore Trade Market for Chris Paul and Andrew Wiggins, Testing Contention

San Francisco, California – With the NBA trade deadline just over a week away, speculation and rumors are swirling throughout the league. The Golden State Warriors are one team that has been at the center of trade talks, and according to sources, they are considering testing the trade market for Chris Paul, Andrew Wiggins, and even Klay Thompson, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic.

The Warriors’ struggles this season have raised questions about their next move. While it is not surprising that they would explore the possibility of trading Paul and Wiggins, the inclusion of Thompson in potential trade discussions is unexpected. However, it is important to note that the Warriors have always been open to assessing all possible options to improve their roster.

Paul, who is in the final year of his contract, is a particularly intriguing trade piece for the Warriors. His high salary and expiring contract make him an attractive asset for teams looking to make a playoff push. However, the Warriors’ hope of acquiring a significant wing player or fitting that can help them contend seems unlikely given the current trade market.

The disappointing performances of Andrew Wiggins and Klay Thompson this season have further highlighted the Warriors’ need for wing help. While it is reported that the team is open to listening to offers for both players, it is unlikely that either will be traded. Thompson’s high salary on an expiring contract and the inability to reach terms on an extension make him a challenging trade asset. Similarly, Wiggins’ inconsistent play and long-term contract make him less appealing to potential trade partners.

The Warriors now face a significant decision regarding the future of their roster. Despite Stephen Curry’s continued excellence, the team lacks the necessary pieces to compete for a championship. A complete roster revamp may be needed to reignite their dynasty era. Alternatively, the Warriors could choose to re-sign Thompson and maintain their core of Curry and Draymond Green, although this decision is unlikely to be made at the trade deadline.

In other trade news, the Hawks coach, Quin Snyder, has expressed his desire for the team to keep Dejounte Murray amidst trade talks with the Lakers. Murray’s impressive performances and manageable contract have made him a valuable asset, but his fit alongside Trae Young in the backcourt remains a concern. The possibility of a trade involving D’Angelo Russell, as hinted by the Lakers, would require the involvement of a third team, adding complexity to the situation.

Furthermore, rumors suggest that the Philadelphia 76ers have shown interest in Kyle Lowry if he is bought out by the Charlotte Hornets. Lowry’s expiring contract would appeal to the 76ers, who are in need of a backup point guard. However, teams over the tax apron would not be able to sign Lowry due to salary restrictions.

Lastly, the Cleveland Cavaliers have made it clear that they are not interested in trading their big man, Jarrett Allen. With a strong defensive presence, Allen has played a crucial role in the Cavaliers’ recent success. The team intends to keep their core intact for the playoffs and make roster decisions in the offseason.

As the trade deadline approaches, teams across the NBA will continue to explore potential moves and weigh their options. The final decisions made by each team could shape the future of the league and impact the landscape of the playoffs.