Wilson Bethel Returns as Bullseye in Disney+ MCU Series “Daredevil: Born Again”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Wilson Bethel is set to reprise his role as Bullseye in the highly anticipated Disney+ MCU series Daredevil: Born Again. The news comes after ComicBook.com reported the casting, which was confirmed by Deadline. Bethel, known for his portrayal of Bullseye in Netflix’s Daredevil series, will once again play the villainous Benjamin Poindexter alongside Charlie Cox’s titular hero.

Bethel first appeared as Bullseye in the third season of Netflix’s Daredevil, appearing in 11 out of 13 episodes. However, he has not reprised the role since then. According to Deadline, Bethel will appear in three episodes of the new series, joining Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk/Kingpin and Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle/Punisher.

In Season 3 of Daredevil, Bullseye was introduced to the Netflix MCU shows and given a compelling and tragic origin story, which added depth to his character. The upcoming series will continue his story, although the specifics remain unknown.

It’s worth noting that Daredevil: Born Again will not continue the storyline from the Netflix series. Actor Charlie Cox clarified in an interview with IGN that the new show is a separate project and not a direct adaptation of the “Born Again” comic book storyline.

Recently, a Marvel executive confirmed that the original Daredevil series, which aired on Netflix from 2015 to 2018, is considered part of the MCU canon. This revelation came while Daredevil: Born Again was put on hold for a “creative reboot” and a new showrunner took the helm.

Disney has declined to comment on the news. Although Daredevil: Born Again is announced as part of the MCU’s Phase 5, an official release date has not been confirmed yet. Fans are eagerly waiting for the return of Daredevil’s world and its iconic characters.

(Note: Adele Ankers-Range is a freelance entertainment writer for IGN. Her Twitter handle is @AdeleAnkers.)