Worst Outfits Worn by Male Idols: Reporters’ List Sparks Online Debate

Seoul, South Korea – A recent online post featuring a compilation of the worst outfits worn by male K-pop idols is gaining traction among netizens. The article, titled “Reporters select worst outfits worn by male idols in 2023,” highlights the fashion choices that entertainment reporters from YTN Star deemed as the most disappointing. While the original post included outfits from 2022, one particular attire worn by TXT’s Yeonjun also drew attention and criticism from netizens.

Reporter Kim Sung Hyun singled out Stray Kids’ Felix in December 2023, labeling his ensemble as an example of excessive logo play. According to Kim, Felix’s outfit was adorned with the L’s brand logo from head to toe, but failed to exude a sense of luxury. The reporter pointed out that overaccentuating each element in the ensemble resulted in nothing standing out.

SHINee’s Taemin did not escape criticism either, with reporter Kang Nae Ri dissecting his outfit from August 2023. Kang found fault in Taemin’s combination of a deep V-neck top and beanie, labeling it as oddly outdated. The purple pants, riddled with multiple holes, only added to what Kang called “cheuginess.” Despite aiming for a vintage look, Taemin’s attire failed to make a lasting impression.

The controversial inclusion of Yeonjun’s outfit from November 2022 raised eyebrows among netizens. Reporter Gong Young Joo questioned whether Yeonjun intended to be a “human Gucci,” as the dizzying logo on his plaid suit overshadowed the entire ensemble. Kim Sung Hyun also weighed in, expressing disbelief that Yeonjun would choose such an outfit, humorously suggesting that it made him wonder if the idol really flew to Chile dressed this way.

While opinions may vary, the list compiled by these entertainment reporters provided an intriguing glimpse into the fashion choices of male idols. The online community continues to engage in lively discussions regarding the reported worst outfits, with netizens expressing their own opinions and debating the merits of the chosen attires. As with any subjective matter, personal preferences play a significant role in determining what constitutes a fashion blunder.