X-Men Star Declares They Are ‘Not Interested’ in MCU Return: Here’s Why

Los Angeles, CA – One of the stars from the X-Men prequel movies has expressed disinterest in returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Alexandra Shipp, who portrayed the mutant Storm in the X-Men series, has stated that she is “not interested” in reprising her role in the MCU. Shipp’s co-star, James McAvoy, who played Professor Charles Xavier (aka Professor X), has also remained evasive about his potential return.

Shipp’s hesitation regarding the MCU was revealed during an interview, where she made it clear that she has no intention of revisiting her character in future Marvel films. However, she did not provide specific reasons for her lack of interest. On the other hand, McAvoy chose not to give a direct answer about his involvement in the MCU, leaving fans wondering whether he will return as Professor X.

The X-Men franchise has gone through several iterations over the years, with different actors portraying the iconic mutant characters. The Disney-Fox merger in 2019 brought the X-Men, along with other Marvel characters, under the umbrella of the MCU. This merger opened up the possibility of incorporating the X-Men into the larger Marvel film universe.

While fans may have hoped to see Shipp and McAvoy reprise their roles in the MCU, their statements suggest that this is unlikely. The X-Men prequel movies, including “X-Men: First Class” and “X-Men: Apocalypse,” featured younger versions of the characters, making it easier for new actors to step into these roles if the franchise continues in the MCU.

The future of the X-Men within the MCU remains uncertain. Marvel Studios has not made any official announcements about the inclusion of the mutants in their upcoming films. However, the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the popularity of the X-Men characters make it highly likely that the mutants will eventually join the MCU in some capacity.

As fans eagerly await news about the X-Men’s integration into the MCU, it is clear that Alexandra Shipp and James McAvoy are not interested in reprising their roles. This leaves room for new actors to take on the beloved mutant characters and bring a fresh interpretation to the iconic roles. Only time will tell how the X-Men will find their place in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.