Yasiin Bey Slams Drake’s Music as Not True Hip Hop, Comparing it to Target Shopping Tunes

LOS ANGELES – Yasiin Bey, also known as Mos Def, has criticized Drake’s music, stating that it is not true hip-hop. During an interview on “The Cutting Room Floor,” Bey expressed his opinion that Drake’s music does not fall into the hip-hop genre.

Bey’s comments came after he was asked if he considers Drake to be a hip-hop artist. He firmly stated that Drake does not belong in the hip-hop circle. According to Bey, Drake’s music is more akin to shopping music, easy to listen to and digest, with occasional hints of edginess.

The rapper illustrated his point by comparing Drake’s music to Target, emphasizing that it is mainstream and commercial. He labeled Drake as more of a pop artist than a hip-hop artist.

This debate surrounding Drake’s place in hip-hop is nothing new. Hip-hop purists have long criticized Drake for being too soft for their taste. Now, Bey, a prominent figure in the hip-hop world, has joined in the criticism.

Drake has defended himself against these accusations, proving his ability to rap alongside the best in the industry. However, it seems that some of his peers still view him as too pop-oriented.

Regardless, Drake remains one of the world’s most famous and financially successful artists. While his music may not satisfy the purists, his mass appeal has undeniably contributed to his immense success.

In conclusion, Yasiin Bey, known as Mos Def, has dismissed Drake’s music as not true hip-hop. Bey believes that Drake’s music leans more towards pop and mainstream appeal rather than authentic hip-hop. This ongoing debate highlights the divisions within the hip-hop community regarding Drake’s place in the genre.