Yulhee Shares Heartwarming Moments with Eldest Child Jaeyul, Showcasing Playful Bond

South Korea – Former LABOUM member, Yulhee, recently shared some precious moments with her eldest child, Jaeyul, on her personal Instagram account. Through her Instagram Stories, Yulhee documented their playful time spent together online.

In one post, a video call shows Jaeyul on the other side, creating a half-heart gesture with his hand while Yulhee captions it, “Heart you ❤️.” In another post, she engages in video gaming with her son, expressing her difficulty in keeping up with his skills by saying, “Choi Jaeyul… you’re so good at games… Mom can’t keep up with you 😢.”

Yulhee’s quality time with Jaeyul comes after her divorce announcement from FT Island’s Choi Min Hwan in December. The couple, who had been together for five years, initially revealed their relationship to the public in 2017 and subsequently announced their marriage and pregnancy in 2018. They welcomed their first son in May of the same year and became the first idol parents of twins when they had twin daughters in 2020. Following the divorce, Choi Min Hwan was granted custody of all three children.

Yulhee continues to connect with her fans through her Instagram account, sharing glimpses of her personal life and cherishing moments with her children. Her posts allow followers to witness the bond between Yulhee and Jaeyul, showcasing their loving and playful interactions.

These Instagram Stories serve as a reminder of the challenges and triumphs Yulhee has faced, both as a former idol and a mother. Despite the changes in her personal life, Yulhee remains dedicated to her children and ensures they have memorable experiences together.

Through social media, Yulhee not only shares her journey but also inspires her fans with her strength and perseverance. Her openness and vulnerability resonate with many, making her a relatable figure in the entertainment industry.

Yulhee’s Instagram posts are a testament to the power of family bonds and the joy found in spending quality time with loved ones. As she continues to navigate her new chapter, Yulhee’s determination and unwavering love for her children will undoubtedly shine through.