Zendaya’s Unfollowing Spree Raises Breakup Rumors with Tom Holland

LOS ANGELES – Rumors of a potential breakup between actress Zendaya and her boyfriend, Tom Holland, have been circulating after she unfollowed everyone on her Instagram account, including Holland. Although the couple has not been seen together in months, their recent holiday activities suggest there may be more to the story.

Last week, Zendaya surprised fans by hitting the unfollow button on every account on her IG. She has remained silent about the reason behind it, but what alarmed fans the most was her decision to unfollow Holland.

On his end, Holland is still following Zendaya on social media, indicating that there may not be a definitive split between them. However, a closer look reveals that the couple has not been photographed together since just before Halloween, raising questions about the current status of their relationship.

Their last public appearance together was on October 25, when they were seen wearing masks during a grocery run in Los Angeles. Since then, there has been no evidence of them being together in public.

Finally, on Wednesday, they were spotted separately in Los Angeles. Zendaya was seen driving around town with a friend, while Holland was seen at a WeHo club, seemingly alone.

While there is no concrete evidence suggesting a breakup, sources close to the couple have revealed that Zendaya and Holland spent New Year’s Eve together. This indicates that their apparent absence from each other’s lives may not necessarily mean that they are no longer together.

Speculation surrounding Zendaya’s mass unfollow has also arisen, as it is not uncommon for celebrities to do so before announcing a new project or to seek attention.

In conclusion, there is no definitive proof that Zendaya and Holland have split, but there is also no clear evidence of them being together. Further inquiries to their representatives have not resulted in any statements so far.

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